That's The Risk

To control risks is the obsession of this time. For the financial sector managing risks is even a central element in all the doings.

It is striking that this sector is frequently in trouble at this point. It is not just banks but also pension funds, building societies, construction companies and hospitals that are in difficulties. Every time the message is that too much risk was taken. There seems to be no learning process. A result is that confidence in various sectors and in politics, is being undermined. In fact this is remarkable, as well before the credit crisis every effort was made to control and manage risk. Why is there so little progress in this area?

Risk, behavioral, supervision and ethics are closely interlinked. It's like a huge puzzle that never is finished. Several pieces have yet to be made and to get a proper spot. On the basis of case studies, Q & A 's, I set up a bunch of issues. I don't pretend to be exhaustive about various topics that are raised.

Finally, this book is mainly about institutional asset management and is primarily suitable for directors and employees in the financial world who deal with risks7, performances and profits.

Frits Bosch